ESPN’s Brian Windhorst: NBA Pivot on NCAA NIL, Top Shot & Market Manipulation, Solving Tanking


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Brian Windhorst joins the show to break down the landscape at the intersection of Basketball and the Law. We cover college basketball, sport betting, investing in Top Shot, solving the longstanding tanking issue, and his humble career beginnings covering LeBron James in Cleveland.


1) 1:00 — Intro & Brian Windhorst’s background, from reporting on the Cleveland Cavaliers to breaking into ESPN

2) 11:00 — Windhorst joins the show!

3) 11:55 — How sports betting legalization has changed his job

4) 14:20 — Brian’s new ESPN piece on NBA Top Shot. Its creation, pandemic boom, and dealing with market manipulation concerns

5) 30:27 — Solving the tanking approach in the NBA

6) 39:28 — How NCAA’s approach to NIL is creating tension with the NBA

7) 46:25 — Brian’s career beginnings with LeBron and advice to those trying to break into the industry


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