S07: Episode 7.148: Patrick Ronan Stewart & Yaw Attuah


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The pandemic can’t keep us down, so let’s keep injecting some basketball content into our minds until the season resumes. Lots of episode 5 and 6 content related to Last Dance!

If you watched episode 5 and 6, what’s more shocking: An incredible New York Knicks team or a dominant Charles Barkley?

We’ve got some more updates to Freddie’s 2K character and the reporters are showing up for this one.

Toni Kukoč proved himself after a tough start. Who else is a good example of that?

Blast from the Drafts: Matty takes us through some highlights of an old NBA draft, a truly, madly, deeply important one for the Raptors.

Jordan’s first three finals weren’t easy, but it seems like his toughest battles early on were in the Eastern Conference. What is your all-time favourite non-finals series? Quickish Questions!

With Patrick Ronan Stewart and Yaw Attuah!

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