How Do We GET OUR TEENS & Ourselves Through a THIRD LOCKDOWN without losing our MINDS ...


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It’s got to the point now where our children can see through our well meaning parenting lies, they now know when we are putting a positive gloss on things, they are more plugged into the rules and limitations of lock-down than us parents - so HOW on EARTH do we keep them motivated - how do we guard against them tipping into mental health crises? How can we help ourselves as parents? We talk a LOT about the need for honesty, transparency and a sense of humor in what must surely be our final push towards a return to some kind of normal. We respond to a LOT of listeners comments - many of whom are at their wits end with worry ... Find out answers to these questions and many more in this episode of Confessions of A Modern Parent. They take questions and suggestions from listeners on their experiences in parenting roles. If you have a parenting question or suggestion for Mark or Nadia, you can get in touch at: Twitter @mark_adderley

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