Dancing with death with Jewels Wingfield


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With over 25 years’ experience supporting thousands of people to make profound shifts in their lives, I bring a rare wealth of experience, wisdom and skills. Because of this, I am able to meet the wild edges of transformation both personally and collectively – I know the landscapes that lie on the other side of such a shift.

I enjoy working with the edges of life and the aliveness of the places in us we fear to meet. I am devoted to bringing these places out of exile and back into the realm of love. I have been a spiritual seeker since childhood and asked those deep questions about life: why we are here. Since I was a small child I have been a seer and I have developed this ability over my life in supporting others to get to the heart of their blocks and move through them. I passionately believe that our own personal journey is the most powerful gift we can bring to others. This is the foundation from which I facilitate my work as it continues to grow.

I have been inspired and supported for over twenty years by many teachers, both human and non-human. From each of these I have received a piece of the tapestry to my evolution, and guidance on how to live more as a sacred and respectful being on earth.

This journey has taught me that our own personal journeys are the most useful gift that we can bring to each other, in alignment with the biggest clearest love, and this is the foundation from which I facilitate my work, and from which I continue to grow and learn.

As a result, my work is well known to be unique, and is widely recognised for its earthy approach to the evolution of humanity. It is inspired by the indigenous traditions and teachings of the land around me, embedded in an intuitive connection with its nature and our ancestral pathways. My work aims to bring sacredness to the ordinary.”

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