Forest School and Nature Connection with Lily Horseman


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Things we talk about in this episode

  • The nuance and subtlety of good quality Forest School Provision
  • Growth in popularity of Forest SChool
  • Modern nature starved lives and the ability to recalibrate in the outdoors
  • The power of presence and time in nature
  • Benefits of nature connection
  • Being in nature is not 'normal' for everyone
  • Humans are physiologically designed to feel good in nature
  • Science reinforcing what we already know about the value of nature connection
  • Forest School and nature connection as an antidote to a sterile disconnected way of life
  • Community connection during lockdown
  • We don't know what the future holds but nature connectors have been preparing for years to get back in touch with the earth
  • Physician heal thyself- how we can resource ourselves during the pandemic
  • Outdoor learning as a way forwards after this crisis.
  • History shows there was a rise in outdoor schools after previous epidemics
  • Hope for a more nature connected future

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Lily is a Forest School trainer and practitioner through Kindling; She currently chairs the Forest School Association; and works with local communities through Stomping Ground;

Lily's work centres around the creating communities for learning and connecting nature. Her background in playwork and designed crafts means she brings a playful and creative approach to all she does.

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