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Things we talk about in this episode

  • Talbarou a French retreat centre in France
  • Nature Culture- An Introduction to the Art of Mentoring and the Eight Shields
  • Earth Culture- An introduction to Permaculture
  • Similarities between Eight Shields and Permaculture
  • Differences between Eight Shields and Permaculture
  • The nature connected earth based cultures that inspired the origins of both Eight Shields and Permaculture - Both Models were designed from watching the patterns of nature, what works, and how do humans interact well and then designing by those patterns
  • Tree Protesting, activism, studying, exploring.
  • Starting an Eco-Village
  • Steward Community Woodland Eco-Village
  • Art of Mentoring
  • Peters first experience of Eight Shields and memories of having his heart blown open by singing and story telling and being held in grief and acceptance.
  • How do these models translate in everyday modern life? How are Permaculture and the Eight Shields Model being used in real life.
  • What elements are being brought into the mainstream and transforming our way of being? Grief, Gratitude,
  • Positive stories of the world and being in it. An antidote to the negative media coverage that we see day in day out
  • Marine Permaculture, Local community owned solar networks
  • Parenting inspired by Eight Shields
  • Young generations being inspired by Eight Shields and bringing it into their lives.
  • Elders being inspired by Permaculture and excited about learning and making the connection

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I support people, groups and organisations, bringing them more into their power and creativity by using Permaculture and 8 Shields Institute design principles.

I teach and convene 8 Shields Introduction weekends around the UK and Europe, I am one of the lead organisers of the UK ‘Art of Mentoring’ Camp, and along with my partner Rebecca Card i run the ‘Bringing it Home’ 8 Shields yearlong training

I also teach Permaculture Design Courses, People Permaculture courses and bespoke Permaculture trainings.

I support people individually as well, with ongoing mentoring relationships in person or on regular calls.

I love singing and music, and i have self recorded 2 albums of acoustic songs. I enjoy running in the woods and moors, wild swimming and visiting new places.

I am deeply grateful for my hobbit-cottage home on a Dartmoor farm and my partner Rebecca who i share it with, and for all the wildlife that lives around us, weaving through our lives in delightful and surprising ways.

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