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Things we talk about in this episode


  • Gratitude as a supportive practice
  • The gifts of lockdown
  • How addiction masks the crisis of disconnection
  • The healing magic of nature
  • The freedom in embracing our creativity and courage to explore
  • Embracing online community as a way of finding connection when our busy modern lives don’t support it in real time
  • The danger of polarisation and the importance of stepping outside of our communities of interest to hear different views and perspectives
  • Ways to give and receive difficult feedback
  • The hope that lockdown will help us value and create a more connected, slower paced and present state of being in the world

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Sara shares her adventures on her blog and Instagram under Me & Orla, and through her podcast Hashtag Authentic.

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Sara’s Biography

Sara Tasker is a writer, photographer and coach living in the Yorkshire hills.

A lifelong lover of photography, she switched to using her iPhone & Instagram to document her daily life whilst pregnant with her first child and stuck at home with a chronic health condition. Within six months, she’d attracted over 40k followers, and now runs a multi-six-figure business helping other creatives and small business owners use social media to build connection, confidence and community online.
She shares her adventures on her blog and Instagram under Me & Orla, and through her podcast Hashtag Authentic.


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