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Things we talk about in this episode

  • Sal's journey into working with the Lakota Sioux traditions.
  • Gratitude to the ancestors including, Godfrey Chipps, the woptika lineage and all those who have held onto the traditional teachings.
  • The decision of the native elders to pass their traditional teachings out to the world because the world needs it
  • People are suffering because of the disconnection sickness of our times
  • Disregard for all of life in the way that we live
  • Black lives matter, protests and riots
  • Humans have been holding a foot on the neck of all of creation for a long time in the way we live
  • Racism and discrimination and all the violence exhibited on this planet are a symptom of the root cause that is disconnection
  • Spiritual healing as a way to transcend
  • Humans taking responsibility for their deep learning, ancestral healing and leading the way forwards

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Salvatore Gencarelle is the founder and director of the Helpers Mentoring Society, an organization dedicated to supporting the return to purpose and hope for humanity, so all life thrives. For three decades, Salvatore has been a bridge between traditional cultural practices and the modern world. His experience includes intense initiations and mentoring, requiring both dedication and sacrifice, under the direct supervision of a Native American healer. During this 17 years initiation he worked as a ceremonial guide, creator and singer. Salvatore has written a book about his learning journey - A Man Among the Helpers.

Salvatore Gencarelle is now a carrier of multiple indigenous lineages and wisdoms from around the world. His immersion into lineages of deep healing has also helped him to better understand the universal aspects of connection and healing that reach across cultures and time.

Salvatore is also an artist, photographer, freelance writer, a musician, and a former Paramedic of 17 years. He has worked as a healer in both the indigenous and the modern world. He currently offers online universal teachings and travels around the world teaching and helping others learn from his experience. Offerings include personal re-connection immersion journeys, yearlong connection facilitator training, quests, personal and organization consultation, and teaching on the tools of re-connection.

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