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The wellness industry can sometimes have a tendency towards the ethereal and woo-woo, which understandably can be hard for some people to grasp.

But what I love about Danielle Posa is that she has such a direct, upfront, no-BS vibe. It's apparent why large corporations and icons like Deepak Chopra would value partnering and working with her.

As the Wellbeing Hacker, Danielle is bringing well-being into the corporate world, not in just a yoga & meditation way, but in a data-backed way. Loaded with a plethora of statistics and research to pull from, Danielle is legitimizing the wellness game in businesses and substantiating the importance of defining personal purpose.

In this conversation, we discuss so many valuable topics for conscious leaders. Danielle shares her experience as a former executive at Gallup, she shares insights about the power of the mind, she tells us about her program with Deepak Chopra, and how she believes wellbeing should be a standardized measurement.

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Topics discussed in this conversation include:

  • What is a “wellbeing hacker”?

  • Danielle’s career history

  • Working at Gallup

  • The world’s first research study on wellbeing (conducted by Gallup)

  • Having purpose, relationships and money and how they contribute to wellbeing

  • The Five Essential Elements

  • Danielle’s program that she created with Deepak ChopraWorkplace Wellbeing & the Soul of Leadership

  • How her program with Deepak Chopra came to be

  • What Deepak is really like as a human being

  • The basics of becoming a conscious leader

  • What Danielle believes makes businesses and leaders successful

  • Is there ever a situation that doesn’t merit conscious intentions?

  • Monetary Gains vs Fulfillment

  • Practices Danielle used to find her purpose

  • How Danielle keeps herself grounded

  • Having cancer (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) as a 5-year-old child

  • Realizations from surviving cancer

  • The power of the mind

  • How Danielle defines success

  • A teaser of Danielle’s upcoming book, “Gross National Wellbeing”

  • How Danielle intends to contribute to the state of the world

  • Valuable advice for conscious entreprenuers

  • Wellbeing Assessment


Danielle is the creator of the online brand, The Wellbeing Hacker. Her work consists of developing online courses, public speaking and leading corporate workshops - all focused on the topics of wellbeing & conscious leadership.

Danielle was formerly a management consultant at Gallup. Her key responsibilities included managing client relationships, and advising them on how to improve employee/customer engagement and wellbeing, leverage talent, and create high performing workplaces. Danielle also served as the liaison between Gallup and Gallup Senior Scientist Deepak Chopra, where together they focused on exposing Gallup’s wellbeing research to the world. Her efforts encouraged corporate and city leaders to broaden their focus from traditional metrics such as GDP to incorporate measures that reflect the quality of life of the people they lead and influence.

Danielle speaks publicly to various audiences about her cancer experience, life and wellbeing. She guest lectures with Deepak at his Columbia MBA course called "Just Capital and Cause-driven Marketing" as well as his Executive MBA class at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, "The Soul of Leadership." In addition, she has been on stage at Deepak's Sages and Scientists conference, and has been interviewed for his show “One World”. Danielle also blogs for the Huffington Post, is a G8 Young delegate, and is a volunteer and public speaker for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Before joining Gallup, Danielle worked on a start-up venture to help students connect with colleges that would be a fit for their interests, passions and personality. While in college, she worked as a sales manager and representative for Vector Marketing, a direct sales company, where she broke a national record in monthly sales her first month on the job. As a District Sales Manager, she ran the New York division’s pilot office, one of the top offices in the country.

Since Danielle was 19, she has participated in various, highly intensive and globally recognized self-development and leadership programs. In addition, she coached and head-coached these leadership programs, helping individuals live life powerfully and effectively. On her own time, she has extensively studied various bodies of knowledge on human nature including behavioral science and economics, ontology and phenomenology, neuroscience, consciousness, and of course wellbeing/happiness developing an expertise in the space.

Danielle received her bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. As a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivor, Danielle completed two triathlons for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program raising thousands of dollars. Danielle lives in New York City, is the oldest of 4 sisters, and her favorite pastimes include spending time with her family, traveling the world,playing soccer and the piano.

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