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Wondering how to stay healthy and sane as we emerge out of our stay-at-home orders?

In this live-feed episode from Conscious Enterprises’ instagram account (@conscious.enterprises), we discuss challenges, shifts and precautions that businesses and professionals are making during times of global pandemic, as well as valuable tips to keep your immune system strong during these bizarre times.

Dr. Rafatjah shares with us her own personal experiences as a business owner during quarantine before providing many useful tips to stay healthy, sane and fit. She also advocates for regenerative farming techniques.

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Dr. Soyona Rafatjah is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and Co-Founder and Medical Director of PrimeHealth. Dr. Rafatjah is passionate about helping her patients reach their health goals. She helps them to address the root cause of their issues and focuses on disease prevention in addition to treatment. With the knowledge and tools she gives them, her patients feel in control of their own health.

Through an intimate, patient-physician partnership, and a whole-body approach, she and her patients develop a personalized treatment plan which adjusts to their needs and environment over time.

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