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I hope this conversation with Lisa Wang motivates you to assess your own work-ethic, triggers some introspective curiosities of your own to explore, and assess your own drive for what Lisa calls “enoughness”.

Lisa Wang is the founder & CEO of SheWorx, a leading global platform empowering over 20,000 female entrepreneurs to close the funding gap and build and scale successful companies. She also founded The AcadeMe, which offers actionable master classes & executive training for women on the rise. She’s a Forbes 30 Under 30 in venture capital, keynote public speaker, US hall of fame gymnast and host of the Enoughness podcast.

As someone who innately has all the markings of a hard working, insatiable over-achiever, with limitless accomplishments, in my opinion it’s Lisa’s introspection that gives her an extra spark. She has allowed herself to come to terms with an important psychological concept that she speaks about on her “Enoughness” podcast.

In this conversation, we discuss all the trials and tribulations along the entrepreneurial path to Lisa’s empire, how a lack of “enoughness” is the root of many people’s suffering, and how having purpose and making an impact can consume an entrepreneur.

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Topics discussed in this conversation include:

  • How Lisa began gymnastics at the age of 9

  • The trials and tribulations of having a last name that begins with a letter at the end of the alphabet

  • Focus, attention, and time management as a child and Lisa’s innate work ethic

  • Loneliness as a child paying off in college

  • SheWorx started in 2014

  • Lisa’s first jobs out of college (Yale) in China, then at a hedge fund

  • Yo app raising $1 Million inspired Lisa to make a bigger impact

  • Drive for creative ownership

  • Startup Institute entrepreneurship bootcamp

  • How and why to create a point of no return

  • Working next to a CEO at a development agency and how that experience shaped Lisa

  • One-touch food order app idea

  • Finding a food accelerator

  • Attaining investment, a partner and off to the races

  • Why Lisa thinks investors are hesitant to invest in single-founder companies

  • Steve Jobs reference – he had vision but couldn’t code

  • The importance of a team

  • Craigslist hiring

  • Technical challenges and lessons

  • Lisa’s higher purpose for the world

  • Lisa’s coined concept of “enoughness” and the psychological differences between men and women

  • How a lack of enoughness manifests in business

  • The Little Mermaid

  • The breakthrough “enoughness moment”

  • SheWorx

  • What inspires Lisa to do so much everyday

  • Being mistaken as the assistant

  • Creating a space where women can have access to capital

  • Taking painful experiences and turning them into purpose

  • Lisa’s thoughts on wellness in the startup world

  • Time becoming more precious as an entrepreneur

  • Wellness trends vs Balance

  • Lisa’s wellness methods

  • Why entrepreneurs tend to not have hobbies

  • How Lisa measures success


Lisa Wang is a former US National Champion and Hall of Fame gymnast turned entrepreneur, public speaker, and executive leadership coach.

· Founder & CEO of SheWorx, the leading global platform empowering 20,000+ women to build successful companies through access to top mentors and investors.

· Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2018 in Venture Capital and CIO Magazine's Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017 and 2018, and Red Bull’s Hero of The Year in 2018. She is a columnist at Forbes and Fortune focused on driving gender parity in entrepreneurship.

· Motivational Keynote Speaker headlining conferences including Mobile World Congress, World Entrepreneur Forum, Chief Innovation Officer Summit, and more.

· Executive Leadership Coach and brings the tools from over a decade as an elite athlete, and entrepreneur to train leaders to own their power.

· In her spare time she produces and hosts the 5-Star Enoughness podcast. Lisa is a graduate of Yale University.

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