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If there was a medal awarded for most job interviews you can attend while pregnant, Marissa Kraxberger just might win it. And that’s one thing that has given her such an interesting perspective about motherhood and pregnancy in the workplace at so many different fashion brands.

Marissa has received much media attention for speaking out about Ivanka Trump’s lack of maternity leave, but this feature is really focused on Marissa’s career and learnings, so please don’t listen to this conversation expecting something to light your political fire.

In this conversation we discuss Marissa’s amazing career working for some of the most sought after fashion brands (Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, etc), her experience going to many interviews while pregnant and becoming a force for change within corporations, her suggestions for improving corporate culture and parental policies, and how if you don’t allow for hindrances to be option, they won’t be.

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Topics discussed in this conversation include:

· Marissa’s role as VP of Creative at Rag & Bone

· The dance between being a creative and deferring to CEO, Marcus Wainwright

· Some of Marissa’s day to day work

· Tokyo store creativity

· Rag & Bone x Eminem collaboration

· How Marissa made a strong claim to making films as an authentic and compelling marketing tool for the brand

· Why Can’t We Get Along

· Time of Day – 8 short films

· Marissa’s first job at a record store & printing company setting her design foundation

· Diane Von Furstenberg pre-meatpacking district HQ

· Opportunities to grow at DVF and ultimate girl power

· Agency life - American Express, Starwood Hotels, Kenneth Cole, USA Networks

· Facebook and social media emerging

· Producing a first film in China while pregnant

· Kate Spade and creative freedom

· Oscar de la Renta fashion culture shock

· Launching children’s-wear for Oscar de la Renta

· Third pregnancy loss between job changes

· Ivanka Trump and the opportunity to freshly launch a brand

· Rag & Bone, the last fashion brand Marissa plans to work for

· Unexpectedly falling into fashion

· The importance of living the brand

· Marissa’s description of the Rag & Bone brand

· Interviewing whilst pregnant and not mentally “allowing” it to ever be a deterrent

· Learning about yourself during the interview process

· Rag & Bone corporate culture

· Maternity & Paternity Leave

· Comparing corporate culture between brands Marissa has experienced

· Competitiveness in fashion

· Marissa’s opinion on the importance of leadership and improving corporate policy

· Wellness & culture under Marissa’s leadership

· Marissa’s personal wellness routines

· How Marissa values success

· Advice for professional climbing the corporate ladder

· Advice for women & moms


Marissa Kraxberger is the VP of Creative at rag & bone where she is charged with bringing to life creative direction and brand strategy across all channels and touchpoints of the brand. Whether it be art direction of ad campaigns, social media strategy, or the overall in-store experience, Kraxberger enhances all consumer touchpoints at rag & bone. She oversees a team of art directors, designers, producers, developers, stylists, visual designers and creative services operations. Aside from running creative, she also over sees production for rag & bone films, where she focuses on creating authentic branded films that bring the brand to life across all channels.

Previously, she held the position of Chief Marketing and Creative Officer at Ivanka Trump, where she was charged with developing the overall creative direction and marketing strategy for the Ivanka Trump brand. She built a digital creative and marketing team and was the guiding creative and editorial vision for and all Ivanka Trump social media channels.

Prior to joining Ivanka Trump, she was VP of Creative at Oscar de la Renta, where she was responsible for the company’s brand image and voice. She was responsible for the creative vision, design and execution of the new, which launched in Fall of 2012. She built an in house creative agency that oversaw all digital, print and marketing initiatives. In addition, she founded the Oscar de la Renta Childrenswear blog–George & Ruby–where she became the social media voice for Childrenswear.

Marissa honed her digital skills as the Web Art Director at Kate Spade New York where she oversaw, directed and drove the digital vision of the brand. Marissa designed and directed all digital creative including the re-launch of the Kate Spade blog and launch of Tumblr. She also put Kate Spade on the map as one of the first brands on Pinterest. She brought innovative digital campaigns to life, most notably a choose-your-own-adventure Summer 2012 Campaign video. During her time there, Kate Spade became the fashion industry’s digital darling. Kate Spade was awarded numerous accolades for its digital presence and acumen. earned a “Genius Ranking” on the L2 Digital IQ Index® in 2011 and 2012, and was ranked #2 in 2011 and ranked #3 in 2012 on the list. also won the Fashion 2.0 Awards Top Online Innovator Award 2012 Winner.

Marissa’s career in fashion started at Diane von Furstenberg where she began as the in house graphic designer and worked her way up to lead a creative team as the Senior Art Director for the brand. She oversaw all creative for the brand as well as the re-launch of, the first mobile site and app, and the creative direction for the traveling exhibit, “Journey of a Dress.”

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