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Rachelle Robinett is by far the most connected to plants than anyone I’ve ever met. Her understanding and obsession with herbs, diet and how they affect the body is incomparable. She is a plant-based wellness practitioner, the founder of Supernatural Café – a company dedicated to real world wellness, currently the resident herbalist at CAP Beauty in the west village (in NYC); she is Integrative Health Certified and Clinical Herbalism Certified, and is the creator of some delightful new herbal supplements called HRBLS. She has also worked with brands such as Alchemist’s Kitchen, ABC Home, Elixir Bar @ The Assemblage.

In this conversation we discuss Rachelle’s journey from Seattle to New York City to work in fashion and advertising before becoming an entrepreneur committed to creating accessibility to plant & herbal life. She gives us some fantastic tips on herbs we should all be integrating into our diets. We talk about plant medicines and Rachelle shares her experience with ayahuasca ceremonies. And she also shares valuable advice for entrepreneurs.

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  • Plant-based wellness practitioner

  • Founder of Supernatural Café – “a company dedicated to real world wellness”

  • Resident Herbalist at CAP Beauty

  • Complimentary & Integrative Health Certified

  • Clinical Herbalism Certified

  • Creator of HRBLS

Topics discussed in this conversation include:

· Rachelle’s career trajectory from Rainier Valley farm to Manhattan fashion before plant-based entrepreneurship

· Nutrition & Plant Chemicals as a personal practice

· Food prep

· Entrepreneurship as a byproduct of plant-obsession

· Convergence

· Rachelle’s herbalism work with brands such as Alchemist’s Kitchen, ABC Home, Elixir Bar @ The Assemblage

· The balance between effectiveness of an herb vs trendiness of popular

· Rachelle’s recommendations of herbs that can combat stress & anxiety

o Lavender

o Oat Tops

o Red Clover

· Rachelle’s perspective of failure

· Planting seeds

· Work-Life Balance

· Rachelle’s business as a “conscious enterprise”


· Making taking herbs accessible

· Herbs that most people could benefit from taking today

o Ashwaganda or other adaptogens

o More greens for everyone!

o Prebiotics

§ Yuca

§ Cassava

§ Fibrous, starchy veggies & root herbs

· Kale

· Rachelle’s thoughts on the use of psychedelics and plant medicines

· Rachelle’s six plant medicine ceremonies with ayahuascha & san pedro

· Difference between San Pedro & Ayahuascha

· Epiphanies

· Rachelle’s diet

· Rachelle’s personal wellness routine

· Hopes for the next 5 years of the state of the world and nature

· How Rachelle measures success

· Valuable advice for entrepreneurs


Rachelle Robinett is a plant-based wellness practitioner combining holistic, natural medicine with practical lifestyle work to help people find balanced, lasting health. She holds certificates in Complementary and Integrative Health, and Clinical Herbalism, and has been studying the relationship between plants and people her entire life - be that on a farm in the Pacific Northwest (where she grew up) to time with healers, specialists, and shaman in farther-away places.

Rachelle is the founder of Supernatural - a company dedicated to real-world wellness - that includes an herbal cafe, a product line of plant-based remedies, ongoing workshops and events, and personal health coaching.

Entrenched in the wellness world, but with an eye on the rest of the world, she brings a global perspective to individual health, and also that of businesses and brands.

In addition to Supernatural, Rachelle manages the Bowery Cannabis Club with The Alchemist's Kitchen, and offers professional consulting for companies of all sizes.

Specialties & Studies: Complementary & Integrative Health. Clinical Family Herbalism. Ayurveda & yoga. Herbalism & traditional medicine. Meditation Teacher trained. Plant-based nutrition. Positive psychology. Reiki I attunement. Mindfulness & minimalism. Spirituality & science.

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