Ruby Warrington, Founder of The Numinous, and Sober Curious


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This interview was fascinating to me as someone who became intrigued with the scientific viability of astrology prior to diving deeply into other esoteric studies of consciousness.

Personally I believe astrological natal charts can be more accurate than some of the most prevalent personality tests businesses use today like Meyers Briggs, Jungian personality tests, or DISC Profiles. I’ll spare you my thoughts on the scientific viability of a proper natal chart for now. This conversation is not about astrology.

I think it’s important to share what people like Ruby Warrington are doing in the business world.

Best known for her widely popular online magazine, The Numinous, Ruby also speaks openly about integrating mysticism into her life in the fashion industry in London in her previous book Material Girl Mystical World.

But even more impressive to me, Ruby now works with big brands like Soho House, Unilever, Buick, Lululemon and TopShop who are looking to integrate what she calls “now age” mysticism into their brands.

Mysticism, from a scientific and psychological prospective, which is how I tend to view things, is really just another form of introspection. So the work that Ruby does for brands, from a corporate standpoint, is indicative of a major shift in perception for corporations.

In this conversation we discuss Ruby’s career, her relationship to alcohol and thoughts on plant medicines and psychedelics, and her latest initiative as the creator of the Sober Curious Movement.

That’s really the deep part of this conversation – delving into the the ideas and social constructs we have built around alcohol.

Be sure to check out Ruby’s new book – available for purchase on Amazon – Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol

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Topics discussed in this conversation include:

  • Ruby’s career journey that began in Fashion Journalism and magazines in London

  • Achieving her “dream job” as Features Editor at the prestigious Sunday Times Style Magazine

  • Finding a lack of meaning and contribution to society while working her “dream job”

  • Feeling boxed in by her own self-imposed glass ceiling

  • Exploring her passion projects on the side

  • Discovering astrology

  • Moving to New York City

  • How Ruby got her first book deal

  • Realizing there is an audience of people interested in ancient human technologies and updating them for the “Now Age”

  • How Ruby views herself less as an entrepreneur and more a writer

  • Challenges in being taken seriously as someone so openly mystical

  • Self-acceptance and finding a place of “woo woo and proud”

  • A smaller, more niche market that actually understands you can be more valuable than larger scale

  • A failure that Ruby is most proud of learning from

  • The Sober Curious Movement

  • Club Söda NYC events

  • Ruby’s relationship and journey with alcohol

  • Questioning why alcohol is so interwoven and engrained into our culture

  • Creating Club Söda to help her answer these questions

  • Ruby’s goal with the Sober Curious Movement

  • Alcoholics Anonymous vs Sober Curious

  • Stats from AA

  • Inner work required alongside alcohol abstinence or sober curiosity

  • Treating alcohol consumption with proper consciousness – is helping you heal or making you numb?

  • How Ruby has created a spectrum for alcoholism or sobriety and why it’s dangerous

  • Correlations between productivity and sobriety

  • How plant medicines can fit into a sober-curious lifestyle

  • Fascinating studies around psychedelics and addiction

  • Suppressive therapies vs evocative therapies

  • A great question to ask yourself: Am I doing this to numb myself or am I doing this to heal myself?

  • Why Ruby considers herself a conscious enterprise

  • Moon Club

  • Ruby’s brand consulting work with James Hotels

  • Bringing opportunities for introspection into mainstream industries via mystical modalities

  • Ruby’s wellness ritual

  • How Ruby measures success

  • How Ruby sees the world evolving and how she intends to contribute to it

  • Valuable advice for entrepreneurs


Ruby Warrington is a British lifestyle writer and creator of The Numinous, an online magazine that updates all things “new age” for life in what she terms to Now Age. Author of Material Girl, Mystical World and Sober Curious, she is also cofounder of “sober curious” event series Club SÖDA NYC, and Moon Club, an online spiritual coaching program. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, Simon.

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