Shaking up the advertising world | Shanice Mears


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Trailblazing in the advertising world | Shanice Mears

At 26, Shanice is a trailblazer in her industry. Growing up in Birmingham and having studied Dance Performance, she landed in the advertising world and was spotted by her then CEO (Dan Saxby) as having great potential. She was driving initiatives around inclusion and hasn’t stopped since. Shanice and Dan decided to set up a new agency together—The Elephant Room—to embody the inclusivity they want to see in their industry. This is even more relevant today, with the Black Lives Matter movement, and Shanice is strong in her criticism of perceived advances in diversity, especially in advertising. Since launching The Elephant Room, Shanice has set the bar high and they have worked for big brands including Converse, Uber and the Prince’s Trust.

What you will hear from Shanice is a deep sense of faith in the talent around her and her desire to enable opportunity like she once experienced. She believes in community and facilitating others’ growth even if that means taking risks.

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