Ep 583 | The Story of an ICE Hero Denied Justice


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Today, we are joined by Victor Avila, the ICE agent who survived the 2011 Zetas cartel attack in Mexico that left his partner, Jaime Zapata, dead. Avila updates us on the injustice of the cartel attackers escaping life sentences and how the government has stonewalled him and even scorned him at every stage rather than treating him as a hero survivor of an unprecedented attack on federal agents in a foreign land. Many questions remained unanswered about "the Mexico Benghazi."

Show Links:

Kate Steinle's parents might be denied justice at every level, just like Avila: https://bit.ly/2STMSxY

Daniel's first two interviews with Avila:

Rather than prioritizing victims of crime, top GOP senators pushing amnesty again: https://bit.ly/2STrBUZ

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