Ep 584 | Forget About the Dem Debate: Focus on the Raging Internal GOP Debate


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Yes, believe it or not, there is a GOP debate taking place. There is a fight for the heart and soul of Trump’s second term and which priorities and personnel will be guiding it. If conservatives sit this debate out, the swamp will win, even if Democrats are defeated. Plus, do we really want cocaine traffickers as our top spokespeople? What about victims of crime? I give you the latest crazy stories on crime and the need for Republicans to actually distinguish themselves from Bernie on the issue. Also, the open-borders agenda is nothing more than human trafficking.

Show Links:

NY lost track of 3,275 parolees: https://bit.ly/2P8QwTx

Cartels using child smugglers on our side of the border: https://fxn.ws/2HE0jgo

Americans need not apply for jobs at Tyson: https://bit.ly/2P7VjVj

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