Ep 585 | The Ultimate Sellout of American Workers — and What You Can Do About It


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Today we are joined by Hilarie Gamm of American Workers Coalition. Hilarie wrote a book on how our government sold out America’s white-collar workers to foreign labor and has allowed a few countries to monopolize our education system and labor force. There is no issue with greater ramifications for our economy, social structure, and even national security than stolen sovereignty through the visa sellouts. She tells us what to watch for in Congress in the coming months.

Show Links:

Beware of S.386 https://bit.ly/2T2VBxH

America Workers Coalition website https://bit.ly/2V7UBuV

Hilarie's book, "Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and the Road Map to Change" https://amzn.to/38MVCwq

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