How To Develop Self-Mastery In Consulting With Mike Kitko: Podcast # 133


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A lot of consultants are hired for their expertise in a certain field and their familiarity with specific subject matters or jargon, but one of the more underrepresented aspects of consulting is building mastery over oneself. Developing self-mastery in consulting is important because self-mastery is the one secret you can hold on to when you're building up your business, whatever field you’re in. Joining Michael Zipursky is Mike Kitko, an executive self-mastery coach. Mike talks about helping his clients form a better idea of who they are over the time they get to spend with him, and how this makes a difference in the way they think and run their business. The phrase "Know thyself" is one that's been uttered repeatedly throughout history, but you never truly understand what it means and what results it can deliver until you do.

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