124 - How she got 23% conversion into her Membership with Amanda Farmer


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Amanda Farmer of Your Strata Property, a one-stop-shop for information and education about strata living shares with us how she converted 23% of her prospects from a small email list of just over 300 people into her PAID membership.

It’s quite extraordinary what she’s been able to do with a small, very strategic list and in this episode you learn just how special this list was and what she did to get those kinds of mammoth conversion rates. 23% - that’s almost one in 4 of the prospects on her email list converting to PAID customers and she did it all in just a matter of days.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • How a small niche became a flourishing business
  • What the key mistakes were that Amanda made when starting her Membership
  • How closing her membership and only re-opening it twice a year reinvigorated her numbers
  • The unexpected benefit of a closed membership on Amanda’s ability to focus on her paid members
  • How Amanda planned out her campaign step-by-step
  • The eye-opening insight Amanda gained from her April launch that enabled her to more than double her results on her September launch
  • How Amanda’s “All roads lead to Waitlist” strategy enabled her to create a list of ideal buyers who were begging her to open her membership
  • And much more.

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