125 - How she’s getting 66% engagement in her FB Group! with Fiona Keary


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We’re talking to someone who has recently had 66% engagement in her Facebook Group. That’s a pretty amazing number… and as we found out on the show… she’s actually JUST updated those numbers to a whopping 90% engagement (that’s 9 out of 10 of her members have engaged with her in the last month!).

Fiona Keary is a business owner we LOVE - she is a long time member of the HerBusiness Community and the HerBusiness Marketing Success Mastermind and we’ve seen her go from strength to strength year on year.

As the brains behind Style Liberation she has created 1:1 and online services, products and courses and on this episode she gives us the inside story on her AMAZING engagement statistics and how she’s getting her Facebook Group Community so involved.

Be sure to check out Fiona’s Facebook Group 35+ Where To Shop to see all these strategies in action!

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The smart move Fiona made on Day 1 when it came to launching her Facebook Group
  • How niching down to women 35+ and being clear about who this group is for and who it’s not for has been central to Fiona’s success (in other words, it’s BEST not to try to please everyone!)
  • Why this Facebook Group worked where others had failed (and the ONE thing Fiona did different that everyone should know before starting a Facebook Group)
  • The role of creating a “safe space” in an online community and how you can create that safety for your members
  • The 5 things Fiona did to enable her group to “take on a life of it’s own”
  • The smart use of customer stories to seed her paid offers
  • Why sometimes you’re best to block people in your group who don’t share your values
  • How to know how much content to give in a free group and when to pull back so you don’t give too much and cannibalise your paid offers
  • The balance between free content and marketing offers in her content plan
  • The 3 pieces of content Fiona posts EVERY week that have been central to her group’s massive success
  • Why you MUST know the problem you are solving for your group - right from the start
  • The perils of not showing people what you do in your paid offers (and how to get around that)
  • And much more.

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