Ep.58 Surviving the COVID Quarantine with Meghan Cox Gurdon & Jim Wahlberg!


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On this week's Conversations with Consequences, Dr. Grazie Christie and TCA colleague Maureen Ferguson speak with Meghan Cox Gurdon of the Wall Street Journal about her book, "The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction." Shedding light on what families can do together during these days of isolation, Meghan shares some enlightening research on how reading-aloud to your family members--of any age--can be good not only for the soul, but the brain. The children's book critic also shares some must-reads as we approach these summer months. With so many living alone and feeling the impact of the quarantine, TCA colleague Ashley McGuire joins Grazie for a moving chat with former addict Jim Wahlberg of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. The trio discuss some alarming statistics on what some health officials are calling 'deaths of despair' and how we, as Catholics, can help bring light into the lives of those suffering around us. Stay tuned 'til the end for a very special homily by Father Roger Landry and join the show every Saturday at 5pm ET on EWTN radio!

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