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In this episode, you get an exclusive listen to one of the chapters from John’s new book “X: Multiply Your God-Given Potential.” In this chapter, titled “Diligence and Multiplication,” John shares how hard work and God’s grace are a powerful combination when we’re seeking to build a life that multiplies the Kingdom of God.

He shares stories from the times early on in ministry when he and Lisa were serving under the vision of their pastors, to the conception of Messenger International and the early days of the ministry, to the publishing of the Bait of Satan. He dives into how God honored their diligence and hearts, and multiplied the work of their hands along the way.

As you tune in today, we hope you are inspired to work diligently at everything God has placed in front of you and watch as He is faithful to multiply what is in your hands!

You can grab a copy (or the audiobook version) of John’s new book on amazon today or at!

You can also dive into the X Suite (which includes the Gifted and Multiply courses) here:!

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