Standing for Truth in the Midst of Cancel Culture with the Benham Brothers (part 1)


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In this episode, we sit down with twin brothers, authors, speakers, and real estate entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham as they share their powerful story of standing for truth amidst a culture so quick to “cancel” those who refuse to conform to the patterns of the world.

In the first part of this two-part conversation, Jason and David share the beginnings of their journey—from their father’s incredible conversion experience and work in the pro-life sphere, to their time as Minor League baseball players, to the beginnings of their careers in real estate, all the way up to the beginnings of talks about a potential reality show with HGTV.

David and Jason share how if “Your theology is not your biography, then your theology is worthless.” Their story illustrates time and time again the power of standing for truth and living it out in the everyday decisions of life.

As you listen to this conversation, we hope you feel challenged to stand for God’s truth in the midst of a culture that increasingly demands compliance.

You can grab a copy of David and Jason’s latest book “Bold and Broken” on Amazon or at and check back in two weeks for part two of this conversation!

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