Episode 47-Crisis Management and a Legal Career in Education


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Many attorneys I speak with think about transitioning to an in-house role at some point in their career. For some lawyers, the path to in-house is planned and deliberate. But for many lawyers, in-house opportunities arise through serendipity. That is what happened to my guest in this episode.

Jonathan Moll, had a long and successful career in private practice. But by developing an expertise in education, a great in-house opportunity arose with one of his clients and he seized the moment.

Jonathan and I talk about what drew him to education and how early on, he developed an early niche in crisis management. He also talks about taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way and what he is doing now in the latest stage in his career.

Jonathan is someone who has always been very generous to me with his time. He has always been willing to be a sounding board and I’ve benefited a lot from his career wisdom. He currently serves a General Counsel to Arx Urban, a real estate development company run by his two sons.

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