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HUM drummer Bryan St. Pere talks about their new record Inlet that was 22 years in the making and the timing of releasing it during a pandemic/social unrest, touring as a young mans sport, the trippy experience of watching HUM play live with Jason Gerken on drums, why he doesn’t play to click tracks, his love for his Jenkins Martin Kit, Bonham, Peart & Copeland as influences, the challenges of maintaining interest in the instrument, bands like The Poster Children & more from the Champaigne, IL local scene, watching Jimmy Chamberlin live in 91’ and trying to play his kit, reflecting upon early “sparsely attended” shows, a reoccurring drum-dream, signing with RCA and the varying processes’ of recording You’d Prefer an Astronaut & Downward is Heavenward & much more!https://humband.bandcamp.com/releases

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