217 - Replacing an Entire Roof on the Wrong House With Jenea Kennedy


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Replacing an entire roof on the wrong house? That’s quite a big OOPS if you ask me! Jenea Kennedy, a real estate veteran of 20 years, has experience working with new construction — and has seen some pretty costly blunders. But not all crazy shit in real estate is naked people, frustrations, and horror stories. Listen in to find out how Jenea met her husband, and hear how the story may or may not include some sashaying up the stairs on home tours.

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Show Notes

  • 02:30 – Introducing Jenea, an association leader in the Atlanta, Georgia market and a veteran of 20 years
    • 04:20 - She’s part of the Engel & Volkers team; she’s an organization and volunteer junkie
    • 06:10 - She sold a family home to her future husband; they live in it together now and raised their kids there
  • 09:45 - Jenea’s background and broker challenge
    • 11:00 - She started in real estate part-time while she was working with IBM; she quit IBM and worked full-time with a firm that had great marketing and leads
    • 11:40 - The broker got greedy, the business was doing great, but then he started overspending; when checks started bouncing, they knew they had to go
    • 13:10 - She got all her money, but other agents weren’t able to recover
  • 14:45 - Jenea’s advice
    • 14:50 - She gives real estate school and instructor suggestions; she recommends people tell people they’re in real estate NOW
    • 15:55 - She tells people to ask brokers if they offer new agent training before they join one; she also advises to learn the market
  • 18:35 - Her CSIRE story
    • 18:40 - She was showing a home to a couple that wanted a home in an area with new constructions; they spoke with neighbors
    • 19:40 - The neighbors weren’t happy with the builders and said that the property wasn’t what they thought or expected
    • 20:40 - The roof wasn’t installed properly, which they realized a week before closing
    • 21:35 - Her client was driving past the house and on the day they were supposed to do the roof, no one was there even though the builder said they were
    • 21:50 - They had taken off and replaced the roof of the wrong home - the model home; they still had roof issues afterward
  • 22:30 - The lessons
    • 22:40 - She shares the experience with her clients and allows them to make the decision themself
    • 24:00 - Agents are an important component of the process, even with a builder; ask your agent what their experience is with new construction
  • 27:35 - How to contact Jenea, Facebook and her website

3 Key Points

  1. Ask your broker how clean their accounts are.
  2. Learn the market!
  3. Make sure you’ve got someone who is experienced in your corner.

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