What does a shamanic practitioner do? Mimi Young: Founder of CEREMONIE


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Mimi Young is a shamanic practitioner and founder of Ceremonie, a shamanic and ritual-based brand focusing on in-person and online shamanic education, Remote Shamanic Readings, and an aura + skincare line that is made in ceremony. Mimi works with a blend of modalities including core shamanism and botanical healing, hedge magick, and Chinese shamanic modalities, with a focus on integrating the subconscious with the conscious, past lives work, divination, dream work, ancestral healing, and divine feminine reawakening.

Mimi lives in the west coast of Canada with her partner and their two boys and is also a neurofeedback practitioner and owner of Open Minds Performance, a personal optimization business using neurofeedback to enhance peak performance, release blocks, expand consciousness, and build resilience within the brain.

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