What is the current state of Coliving? Camilo Olarte: Cofounder of Indie Studio


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I've been staying at Indie Studio in Medellin, Colombia and I interviewed the owner. Indie Studio is a coliving space.

Coliving, as a trend, probably started in San Francisco in the 1960's with the hippie communes and then had a resurgence in SF in the 2010's. As a business, coliving didn't quite work out in SF because of the high economic costs but in other parts of the world its clearly a viable option, particularly now that digital nomads roam the globe.

Here we talk about the latest in Coliving in Latin America.

Follow Camilo and his projects here:

Insta - @camiloolarte1 Lokl - http://www.lokl.life/ Indie - https://www.indie.com.co/

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