096 - My 2020 Epiphany and How to Overcome the Blind Spot of Success


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The year 2020 has brought much pain, loss and uncertainty to so many individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses. Covid-19 has left an undeniable mark on the socioeconomic landscape of our society. In this episode, Aviv reflects on an epiphany he recently had in the wake of this challenging time and chronicles how he was able to overcome a major blind spot of success. He breaks down, in thoughtful detail, nine design principles that have served him well. It is Aviv’s sincerest hope that they can have the same impact on your lives.

  • 00:45 – Aviv introduces the topic of today’s episode, My 2020 Epiphany and How to Overcome the Blind Spot of Success and speaks to the impact that Covid-19 has had on his consulting business
  • 05:00 – Aviv expounds on how his success became a blind spot for him and the life-changing gift the Covid-19 pandemic offered him
  • 09:38 – Aviv analyzes The Nine Design Principles
  • 20:39 – Now it’s your turn, choose one of the nine design principles you can implement today, right now!

Full show notes: http://www.avivconsulting.com/cnf96

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