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Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist, working with stories in service of positive systemic shift, where she helps focus collective intelligence on critical issues. She creates spaces where people can find and activate the stories that will take them into a flourishing future. Mary Alice is also an internationally recognized process host who teaches the art of hosting and helps organizations build capacity for people to bring their stories to life.

In this episode, Aviv and Mary Alice share a rich discussion on the power of storytelling, the concept of the Hero’s Journey, and the value of confronting the boundaries of courage. Mary Alice shares her own story, one that includes being a lifelong intentional nomad, gathering wisdom in the form of stories, and weaving those learnings into her life and work.

  • 00:47 – Aviv introduces today’s guest, Mary Alice Arthur who shares her prolific background in story activism, the difference between a story and a narrative and what she enjoys most about her work
  • 10:14 – Mary Alice speaks to group space awareness, the power of great storytelling and how she tells her own story
  • 21:24 – Where Mary Alice got the idea for story activism and the role stories can play in transforming crises into opportunities
  • 31:36 – Mary Alice analyzes The Hero’s Journey and the arts of hosting and stewarding
  • 45:33 – Mary Alice talks about confronting the boundaries of her courage
  • 52:46 – Two learnings Mary Alice values above all others and parting words of wisdom from Mary Alice

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