1389: Paid To Borrow & Bernie Sanders $5 Trillion Inflation Plan


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Jason Hartman is joined today with guest, Evan Moffic, in a client case study and phenomenal deal on a short term rental property. With understanding how inflation plus tax deduction works, when compared to your interest rate, you will be getting paid to borrow money. Evan shares his thoughts on the natural dilemma that humans aren’t designed to think long term but we should, and with a well built real estate investment portfolio in play. Lastly, Bernie Sanders; What are you doing, What are you suggesting? Key Takeaways: [1:38] A phenomenal deal on a short term rental property bought through the Jason Hartman network [7:10] The Feds target inflation rate is 2% [13:50] Getting paid to borrow: interest rate compared to inflation + tax deduction [17:00] We aren’t designed to think long term [18:50] Bernie Sanders, keep calling out the banks, but Capitalism isn’t all bad Websites: www.JasonHartman.com The Mammoth Cost of Bernie Sanders’ Big Plans

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