1394: CoreLogic Stats, Renting Vs. Owning, & YAZA Elevates Property Management


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Jason Hartman celebrates and encourages the increasing preference of U.S. citizens renting vs owning. Information from CoreLogic invites the question, are tenants getting the better deal renting? In today’s second segment, we take a look at a smartphone app to boost your real estate investment game. Jason interviews Yaza, CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Sisson, about the key features of this new smartphone app. Learn how to optimize your time and energy with this handy smartphone tool. Key Takeaways: [3:20] CoreLogic says home prices increase will move from 4% to 5.2% this year [6:05] Are U.S. citizens/tenants getting a better deal renting vs owning? [11:45] California, now what did you do? [15:43] What is YAZA? [17:40] Location-based unedited video for sharing. [19:50] Searchable by content, in HD, and it’s not stored on your phone [23:33] What is a deep-fake? Websites: www.JasonHartman.com Jason Hartman Quick Start Podcast https://www.Yaza.io

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