1590: Dr. Steve Turley on Stop The Steal & Voter Fraud


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Dr. Steve Turley joins Jason Hartman on this 10th episode special to discuss voter fraud, media bias, and fact-checking. Who are the so-called ‘fact-checkers’ of social media? Jason and Steve take live questions from listeners in this livestream episode that you can be a part of next time by subscribing to our YouTube channel and clicking on the notification bell.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] From a Bloomberg article, Jason comments on the amount of options renters have in Manhattan.

[10:10] What happens if the urban core is highly renovated?

[15:20] “I just want to know who actually won the election.”

[22:00] It’s not will Trump or Biden win; it’s will democratic voters win?

[27:30] The judges don’t make the law; they interpret the law.

[29:20] What’s the Stockade Principle?

[31:22] “Great companies never lose confidence that we’re gonna get through this..”

[36:00] Discussing Watermark QFS ballots.

[39:00] We are moving into a network society as opposed to a mass society.

[45:20] Liberalism is excellent if you can afford it.

[51:00] 71 million Americans have turned off major news networks.

[59:00] “Trumpism won”






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