1592: Dollar Loses Value On Biden News, Real Estate, REI Software Tenant Turner with James Barrett


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Investors, how does it feel to be in the right asset class and the right sector? Jason Hartman invites you to join him in a sigh of relief that the ‘boring, single-family homes’ continue to outperform!

James Barrett discusses REI Software Tenant Turner to give you the upper hand on managing your properties remotely. With the power of this kind of technology, you can turn tenants faster, more efficiently, and with an extensive ability for filter customizations.

Webinar: jasonhartman.com/sweethome

Thursday - November 12

Sunday - November 15

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] Investors, let’s all take a sigh of relief - in it to win it.

[6:25] Quoting articles, “world currencies gain against US dollar after Biden win.”

[11:35] Houses are selling more than two weeks faster compared to the same time last year.

James Barrett

[15:30] With the power of technology and automation, property owners and investors in real estate can manage their properties without having to be there physically.

[18:00] “You can configure the application till your heart is content,” referring to the filters for tenants that will fit your property, from move-in date to pets, etc.

[23:00] Barrett explains how the tech works for landlords and tenants.

[25:45] What kind of safeguards are in play?

[27:15] What kind of lockboxes do you use?







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