1596: Flattening America, Election Issues, Casey Research, Doug Casey


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Jason Hartman elaborates on the migration of people from big cities, or as he has defines it: the reallocation of brainpower, venture capital, and tech startups. Jason talks about how the necessity for concentrated areas in these fields is no longer needed. People will be able to take advantage of cheaper places to live, with more space available. 300,000 New Yorkers or more have already made this decision.

Jason Hartman speaks with returning guest, Doug Casey of Casey Research. The often controversial author of many books including, The International Man, is asked about what he expects after this election. Casey also weighs in on the possibility of a cultural revolution. Covid-19 can and will affect the dollar, and real estate taxes, particularly those in big cities. Finally, Casey shares his views on Trump of Biden.

Thursday: Charlotte Market Profile Webinar: www.JasonHartman.com/Charlotte

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Tired of hearing about people leaving big cities? Here are the latest updates and predictions.

[4:45] Looking at the potential reallocation of brainpower, venture capital, tech startups. This will be spread all around the country and less concentrated.

[7:45] More than 300,000 New Yorkers have bailed from the Big Apple in the last eight months.

[10:00] The number of shootings up through November 8th is up 94% over last year.

Doug Casey

[14:00] Let's talk about the election!

[15:00] Is the US facing a veritable cultural revolution, similar to that of China 1966-1976?

[17:00] If you own property in big cities, expect real estate taxes to rise even further.

[18:30] "The dollar will be like toilet paper."

[26:00] Why Trump or Biden?

[28:15] Nobody wants to see the US break up on his watch.



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