1695 FBF: Price Brackets For Class A, B, C Properties with Sara the Investment Counselor


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 512, originally published in May 2015.

Jason invites his top investment counselor, Sara, to the show. Jason and Sara share their thoughts on the Memphis market and what potential investors might expect. Sara also lists the importance of having the right mindset when investing in a C property and Jason gives a break down on the price ranges of A, B, and C class properties on the show.

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] Jason shares his impression on the Memphis market.

[5:00] Sara shares her thoughts.

[6:50] Section 8 tenants do stick around.

[11:50] How much is a class A home? It varies.

[18:45] You need to have the proper mindset for C properties.

[20:15] Jason talks about the general pricing of A, B, and C properties.

[28:15] Try and target a 4% annual rent increase.

[37:50] Remember, every property is an individual case.

[43:45] Be careful who you listen to!

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