1697: Inflation, Deflation & Tracking Societal Cycles with Mark Moss


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History works in cycles. While one cycle can't define everything, when enough cycles overlap they can point directly at what's going to happen.

Mark Moss joins Jason Hartman to discuss some recent cycles that are overlapping and pointing to very specific things happening that will change the way society works.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] Money always goes where it's treated best

[7:08] Mark likes to break cycles into political, societal, economic and technological

[11:18] Are we in a 4th turning and peak globalism?

[15:05] There have been 5 technological revolutions in the last 250 years

[20:02] The Fed and the fiat monetary system is against the natural law

[25:07] Central bank coins will be the perfect surveillance tool

[28:48] Mark does not believe there's intrinsic value in anything

[31:37] What you need to do to prepare for this coming change

[35:54] Seeing asset prices skyrocket doesn't mean it's time to cash out



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