Episode 44 True Crime: The Murder of Wayne Amey and George Teazis (aka George Templeton) and The Murder of Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott


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This week we witnessed a VERY problematic game of Bachelor strip dodgeball. This isn’t the first problematic game we have heard of (listen to our interview with Erica Rose here). Forced nudity is never okay, regardless of gender. Further, in the episode, it was made to appear that this date was all Clare’s idea. We know this is far from the truth as the leads don’t pick dates, production does. Production, let’s do better - let’s do much better.

We both talk about crimes related to the strip theme. Danielle covers the case of exotic dancer Robyn Lindholm, who has been called a Black Widow, Femme Fatale, Master Manipulator and Lady McBeth in Lycra. Robyn convinced her new lover to kill her ex-lover, not once … but TWICE. (Story starts at: 11:33).

Megan then covers the case of the murder of Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott. Lizzi seems like she was just such a sweetheart, and was just trying to make more friends. But these two friends had a different plan and murdered Lizzi after a game of strip poker went very, very wrong. Content Warning: Rape and Sexual Assault, conversations about bondage and BDSM (Story starts at: 54:41).

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