Have You Seen This Man & Tell Me Who I Am


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This week, Lara is bitten by a tick (not on the podcast though), we squee about The Crown, and a person from a recent podcast sends an email to the crime writers.

ABC Audio’s new podcast "Have you Seen This Man" goes on the manhunt for a former-death row convict who walked away from an Ohio prison in 1973 and hasn't been seen since. Reporter Matthew Mosk follows US Marshals still hunting Lester Eubanks after five decades on the run.

Netflix’s “Tell Me Who I Am” documents one amnesia patient’s quest for answers about his life, answers his twin brother has refused to supply. The documentary poses tough questions about whether it’s better to confront one’s painful past or to remain blissfully ignorant of its destructive consequences.

In crime of the week: Helter Shelter

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