CJ Evolution Podcast: Microcast Monday: Stop Being a Scorekeeper


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During the pandemic if there is one area that most of use have had the time to work on, its probably our relationships. I know it has been for me. Being forced to stay home and limit outings has given most of us the opportunity to build our relationships, which hopefully for you, has been a good thing.

One of the biggest challenges and threats to building and sustaining a healthy relationship is that of "Scorekeeping" your partner or spouse. Her is an example of what this means: If your spouse or partner is always late, stop keeping a mental note of how many times this happens, and more importantly stop bringing this up to them. This is often hard to do, but you must decide if this is a battle you want to fight. Now if they are doing it on deliberately then it might be a different story. A good gauge is if they are late with EVERYONE not just you. Maybe they have a hard time with time management, and they don't understand the time contstraints that come with driving through traffic to get to your dinner reservation on time. It could be many other examples - you get the point.

Scorekeeping can be very detrimental to a relationship and you must decide if something your partner or spouse does frequently is a DEAL BREAKER for you in your book. Maybe it is, but I now when it comes to me, a lot of things I get irrated about are just small things that will be forgotten soon. Remember the saying "Making Mountains out of Mole Hills?" Are you like that? You need to change things then.

Relationships are the things that matter in life - not things.

Go out and conquer your Monday and stay tuned for more great shows on The CJEvolution Podcast.

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