Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Microcast Monday - How to ELIMINATE Your Challenges


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A big thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the Criminal Justice Field. Remember you are honored, cherished and loved. Don't believe all the negativity out there about first responders - Remember the majority of Americans support and love you. Keep up the great work.

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On to Microcast Monday.

I was asked recently how I get through the challenges I am facing. My response is always the same. I believe that better days are ahead and I will be stronger and more resilient because of my challenges. And, I am putting forth the ACTION to make this happen for me. You have challenges too. We all do. What are you doing to change your circumstances? Are you hoping that things will get better? Hope is never a good strategy by itself. There has to be ACTION behind it.

You have to believe in yourself first, before anything can come to you. Visualization, Manifestation and Meditation are all good starts towards achieving your goals and dreams, but remember it all comes down to the INNER WORK first.

Go out and conquer your day and week and stay tuned for more great guests on The CJEvolution Podcast.


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