Episode 225 - New FinCEN requirements for crypto, Yang ditches the race, and Brave goes WikiLeaks.


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_Welcome to this week's (bit late) Flagship Friday (Flagship Sunday just this once, sorry - our editor was on a boat. For many many hours.)

This time around we go over the Trump administration's new plans for crypto, about Yang bailing out of the presidential race, and Brave's brave venture into investigative journalism, sort of. All of this and more on today's episode - tune in now!_

Crypto Around the World


  • The Ten Most Prominent Figures in the Cryptocurrency World?????I have a story for yee lol
  • So here's the list
  • Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik, Pavel Durov (Telegram), CZ, Brian Armstrong (Coinbase), Brandon Chez (Coinmarketcap), Charlie Lee, Alex Reinhardt, David Marcus (Paypal) & Roger Ver
  • Really mostly tough to argue, was gonna make CH joke or whatever....but didnt know Reinhardt
  • blah blah, Germany imiggrants kid It etc, then that by 11th grade he started seeling financial products to German pension funds, and "attracting investments in startups"
  • Here it gets good
  • In 2015, he survived the betrayal of partners who had effectively bankrupted his business. Huge debts and the necessity to pay bills became a call to action, so by using all his experience and innate talent as a salesman, as well as his brilliant experience in crypto trading, Alex launched his most successful project to date—PLATINCOIN. PLATINCOIN is a global cryptosystem that includes more than 10 high-tech products and services. The audience of the company's product audience is more than 500,000 people around the world, and every day there are more and more users.
  • Okay seriously WTF, so I google PlatinCoin and imagine my lack of surprise
  • The Youtube video is fantastic go enjoy , actual quote "indeed, our product is so good and value so obvious, that more than 89% of all that know even a little about cryptocurrencies and hear about our products, have become our costumers."
  • Suspicions confirmed, had to go back and look at the author
  • Alex Belov, "contributer" to Entrepeneur magazine....except this is the only article hes ever contributed
  • Linked in shows him as the COO of Coinstelegram, but before that?
  • And even Coinstelegram , mascarades as news but go to their services and
  • Exit
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