From Private Company to IPO: Managing through Transformation with Rachana Kumar


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When companies transition from private to IPO, there are bound to be challenges and learning curves. Rachana Kumar has worked in five countries, two of her positions were in the non-profit sector. These experiences helped her roll with the punches as her current employer, Etsy, has undergone a massive change over the last few years.

Rachana is preparing for a talk on helping leaders navigate large organizational changes. In this week’s episode, she explains to Peter the three foundational tools that can help any leader work through changes and challenges.

  • [01:34] - Rachana's transition to management
  • [03:47] - Co-founding Shaadi Karma
  • [06:37] - Changes at Etsy
  • [11:57] - Leading through rapid change and transformation in tech
  • [13:09] - Compliance in a public company
  • [22:27] - Feature flagging
  • [24:38] - Three tools to lead teams through external changes
  • [25:38] - Focus & resiliency
  • [30:43] - Communication & transparency
  • [35:09] - Managing up & down

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