086: Pondering the Pandemic


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Hearing too much news about this? Seeing too much advice about how you should be managing your emotions or homeschooling your kids? In this episode, we skip the advice and counsel and instead, we lovingly share our personal experiences and observations from the first few weeks of so much in the U.S. being shut down. The global pandemic, as a result from COVID-19, seems to be turning the whole world upside down. For some, there are actual benefits and blessings that come from the pause. For most, there is a great deal of confusion, stress, anxiety, and even heartache. This season we are in is unparalleled … and chances are, this feels like a unique chapter in your own PERSONAL story as well. As always, we hope the insights shared on our podcast are, in some small way, helpful to you … particularly as you continue to navigate your way through this experience that we are sharing as humankind.

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