092: Stop It!


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You are the boss of you … and YOU are going to decide which aspect of your life needs this 2-word sermon. In this episode we share a lot of examples to get your wheels spinning. As always, pay attention to the nudges from within, and by the end of this episode you’ll KNOW. You’ll know why you’ll be lovingly saying to yourself: “Stop it!”

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Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk is “The Merciful Obtain Mercy” (April 2012).

Consider any of the following:

1) Stop holding the grudge. 2) Stop being so hard on yourself. 3) Stop comparing. 4) Stop having such high expectations of others. 5) Stop focusing on perceived expectations / disapproval from others. 6) Stop doubting yourself. 7) Stop thinking that your happiness depends on ANYone else. 8) Stop complaining. 9) Stop centering your life on what’s wrong. 10) Stop looking for the greener grass. 11) Stop being the victim. 12) Stop being the villain. 13) Stop procrastinating. 14) Stop ignoring your health. 15) Stop being so impatient. 16) Stop being defensive.

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