135: Navigating Depression (with Dina Wakley)


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Artist and teacher, Dina Wakley, joins us this week to discuss her experiences dealing with depression. In addition to sharing some tools that can be used to help combat depression, she also outlines some signs that can indicate when it is time to seek professional help. We are incredibly grateful for her openness, humor, and the informative way she shared her experiences with us and our listeners. SPONSOR: As proponents of lifelong learning we are so pleased to announce that the BH Classroom is now offering shorter, bite-sized courses! Our newest course, Documenting 101, can be completed in just 45 minutes and is available for only $20! Visit [classroom.beckyhiggins.com](https://classroom.beckyhiggins.com/) to learn more and grab your seat! SHOW NOTES: 5 Facets of Treating Depression: 1. Nutrition 2. Talk Therapy 3. Exercise 4. Medication 5. Purpose Stay connected with Dina! Instagram: @dinawakley Facebook: Art of Dina Wakley Email: dina@dinawakley.com FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @BeckyHigginsLLC and @BeckyProudfit. THANKS FOR THE LOVE! Love the podcast? Please share with your friends, tag us in your Instagram stories, and leave a review on iTunes!

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