150: Where Are You Anchored? (with Heidi Tucker)


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Countless individuals and families are affected by mental illness on a daily basis. Many of us either deal with mental health struggles directly, or we know and love someone who does. Award-winning author, Heidi Tucker, joins us this week to share the story of Margi, a woman diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and how Margi’s strength and hope has served as an anchor as she learns, heals, and moves forward with her diagnosis. Heidi opens up about some of the main lessons she learned from Margi and her journey with mental illness. It is our sincere hope that as you listen you will recognize the specific lessons and promptings that are meant for your heart right now. SPONSOR: Visit [madenbags.com](https://madenbags.com/) and use code BECKY at checkout to save 15%. Instagram// @madenbags. SHOW NOTES: 1. Trust your core. 2. Anchor in hope. 3. We have to be persistent. Read more of Margi’s story in Heidi’s newest book, “The Secret Keepers: An Inspiring Story of Betrayal, Survival, and Hope”. Find Heidi on YouTube // [Heidi Tucker](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9iNhtoorcGrOSvBn6iJ2jg) and Instagram // @heidi_tucker_ FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @BeckyHigginsLLC and @BeckyProudfit.

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