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Your Words for 2020

Handpicked just for you, this week’s word is Steadfast.

The Greek meanings of Steadfast include unflinching, unfaltering, staunch, immovable, and unwavering. One particular english definition is continuing in a course of action despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. No matter the obstacle and regardless of how long it’ll take, you’ve locked onto the target and cannot be shaken.

Where do you feel steadfast in your life? Where do you see God as steadfast in your life? Our ability to be steadfast comes directly from God, and when we can see His unwavering endurance at work in our lives, we begin to display it in our lives.

Now may the Lord move your hearts into a greater understanding of God’s pure love for you and into Christ’s steadfast endurance. - 2 Thessalonians 3:5 (TPT)

All God accomplishes is flawless, faithful, and fair, and his every word proves trustworthy and true. They are steadfast forever and ever, formed from truth and righteousness. - Psalm 111:7-8 (TPT)

May you be strong and steadfast as you run the race God has for you!

See you next week. There’s still time to submit your words, so send them to us at

Thank You!

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