104: Adam Osmond Running from Gambling


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Adam Osmond is not likely to run Western States anytime soon. As a recovering gambling addict, these days he will not even put his name into a race entry lottery. Instead, Adam has established himself as a fixture of the Northeast running scene and is very active in sharing his experiences with others on social media. However he does not carry a GoPro camera to simply capture the moment, and to share the scenery. Adam has found the trail running scene to be quite welcoming, however as a male African-American runner, he sometimes feels like he will be held to a higher standard than his white running friends, and feels that he must be hypervigilant about not trespassing, and be extra careful wherever he goes. The camera gives him an extra sense of security.

We discussed Adam’s many adventures in life and on the trails, as well as his quest to run a race in each of Connecticut’s 169 towns.

Gamblers Anonymous http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/

Out of Luck Video: https://youtu.be/F5XLmCb3y3o

Run 169 Society: http://www.debticonn.org/

National Black Marathoners Association: http://www.blackmarathoners.org/

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